Circular Economy Projects

Circular economy projects

The projects developed by Greenway Bioprocesses Group use waste and by-products, close the resource cycle, maximize energy efficiency, value by-products, minimize emissions and consider a complete life cycle assessment, therefore they are considered circular economy projects.


The plants that Greenway Bioprocesses Group designs, transform waste and by-products from the agricultural, livestock and food industries, converting these wastes into Green LNG and Biofertilizers. In this way our plants produce a reduction of methane emissions, produce biofuels that replace highly polluting fuels and produce biofertilizers that replace chemical fertilizers, thus also closing the cycle, since the nutrients contained in the waste return to the soil in the form of biofertilizers, improving the fertility and health of the soil.

Greenway is a profitable company, committed to renewable energy through the application of innovative processes, in which its circular economy proposal has a great impact. innovative processes, in which its circular economy proposal has a great impact.

Módulos del parque industrial

Feedstock2 1

Feedstock Module

It obtains the necessary feedstock (by-product), homogenizes it and prepares it for distribution among the different modules. It also manages the digestate and the treated water from the process.


Logistics Module

He/she will be in charge of the transportation and unloading of raw material in the feedstock module.


Power module

Production of electrical, thermal and Bio-CH4 energy ready for sale to the liquefaction module. 


Network injection module.

It will produce biogas that will be purified, obtaining Bio-CH4 for later use. This unit is in charge of this production and the sale of the production destined for grid injection.

gnl w

Module - Bio-GNL and Bio-CO2

This module purchases Bio-CH4 from the energy module for the production of Bio-GNL and Bio-CO2.2.

biof 2 1

Biofertilizer Module

This module transforms the digestate obtained in the process into biofertilizers.


Rendering Module

Transformation of animal carcasses into flour for the production of biofertilizers.


Biocultivation Module

Some of the plants incorporate a biocrops module, which are used as high-energy feedstock, in the energy module.


Location of the first 15 plants designed by Greenway Bioprocesos for the production of BioGNL and Biofertilizers planned in Spain.

Las plantas que Greenway Bioprocesos diseña, utilizan un sistema de economía circular. sin emisiones contaminantes durante el proceso, sin generación de residuos, lo que las conviete en la “Mejor técnica disponible MTD”.  Esta singularidad ha facilitado la gran acogida del proyecto a nivel nacional, autonómico y local.


1.- Business Idea

Greenway is committed to an efficient, profitable and innovative model that offers competitive advantages over other producers and operators.


4.- Energy efficiency

Greenway has projects for non-polluting green energy generation, with the highest energy efficiency.

2.- Sustainability

The production system is focused on a circular and sustainable economy, offering environmental solutions to sectors such as livestock and agriculture.

5.- Modern and flexible installations

The Company has designed modern facilities that incorporate the most innovative technologies in production and formulation processes, backed by engineering firms that are international benchmarks.

3.- Innovation

Innovation is key in production and is supported by studies with Universities. The application of R+D+i allows its deduction and, if necessary, its capitalization.

6.- Regulations

The Company operates in a demanding and innovative regulatory environment at the European level, in which its project is a benchmark.

7.- Profitability

Los proyectos que Greenway desarrolla cuentan con una rentabilidad (calculada a partir del EBITDA sobre ventas) superior a sus principales competidores

8.- Exhaustive production control.

Existe una trazabilidad total de todos los productos, desde las materias primas, hasta la producción.

9.- Momentum

The EU considers Spain to be one of the countries with the greatest opportunities in the short term for the transition from fossil energy to non-polluting green energy, with aid and subsidies.

We are looking for agricultural, livestock and agri-food farms in different locations of the Spanish geography, looking for a BAT (Best Available Technique) for the treatment of their waste.

If you are in one of the regions included in the form or in neighboring regions, please fill in the form and we will contact you to explain our project in your area and how we can collaborate helping you to manage your waste by applying BAT (Best Available Technique).


Purpose : To respond to your request or inquiry

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Feedstock2 1

GREENWAY is active in the renewable energy sector, and is currently promoting the construction and operation of several state-of-the-art plants for the production of biofuels, biofertilizers and other energy products, from the treatment of by-products generated in the area by agri-food, livestock and agricultural activities, without generating polluting emissions in the process.

LOGO LETRAS VERDES PhotoRoom.png PhotoRoom

GREENWAY and its collaborating companies (top level in the production of biofuels), have the best available technique for the construction and operation of the referred Plants, having collaborated directly with the General Subdirectorate of Hydrocarbons and New Fuels of the Ministry of Ecological Transition, in the elaboration of the "Biogas Roadmap", whose objective is "to be the tool that guides and promotes the deployment and development of these biofuels in Spain, given the relevant role they can play in the energy transition". Greenway is currently promoting the construction of several plants in the regions of Murcia, Andalusia, Extremadura, Aragon, and Galicia, among others.

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