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Solid and liquid biofertilizers with balanced NPK composition.

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Grupo Greenway Bioprocesos is a Spanish company that operates in the renewable energy sector, whose partners and management team have extensive experience in the sector, dating back to 2010.


Already in 2010, Greenway Bioprocessos Group was awarded the construction of a pilot plant for biogas production for the Murcian Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Research and Development (IMIDA), so its practical experience in the sector is contrasted and has been for more than 10 years.


Since its inception, Greenway Bioprocessos Group has been guided by the European current of the change of energy model and the decarbonization process, and currently has a large interdisciplinary professional team, with accumulated experience in the sector, and with the support of leading technology and energy companies. internacional.



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We are fully committed to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), actively contributing to 7 of the 17, and ensuring that we do not undermine any of the others.

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We are fully committed to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), actively contributing to 7 of the 17, and ensuring that we do not undermine any of the others.


Facilitate the adaptation of local production companies to the regulations aimed at meeting the decarbonization and environmental improvement milestones.


Promote the bioeconomy, taking advantage of local renewable resources and enabling local production of biofuels that will replace fossil fuels.


Facilitate increased competitiveness of local producers in the livestock and agroindustrial sectors.


Environmental improvement of the area by reducing CO2 emissions and reducing contamination of land and aquifers by uncontrolled dumping, making possible the application of organic fertilizers.


Valorizar las aguas residuales del proceso, depurándolas y permitiendo su uso para riego (pudiendo utilizarse para biocultivos).


Creation of direct and indirect employment (plant operators, biomass transportation, generation of biocrops, etc.).


Facilitate the provision of city gas service to small population centers located in the areas of influence of the plants.


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Compliance with RD 205/2021, for the promotion of biofuels, which establishes the obligation of penetration of biofuels as a percentage of total fuel sales in transport.


Facilitate the selective collection of organic waste in municipalities where a FORSU treatment plant is installed.

Greenway Bioprocessos Group uses Cryo pur technology. 

Cryo Pur technology paves the way for many waste-to-energy projects, enabling farmers, communities and businesses to produce their own energy from their organic waste, and contributes to the development of a local circular economy, through the construction of new energy infrastructures. decarbonized and decentralized.


In addition to the bio-GNL, the Cryo Pur technology produces a very high purity liquid bio-CO 2 , which allows the plants designed by Greenway Bioprocessos group to produce high quality biofertilizers, thus improving the economic and environmental balance of each project.


Cryo Pur offers an innovative response to three major challenges facing our societies: climate change, air pollution and energy dependence.


Grupo Greenway Bioprocesos is currently developing 27 biofuel and biofertilizer production plants from organic and agri-food waste throughout Spain.


Five of these plants are in the closed Greenfield Early Stage, with locations in Murcia, Andalusia, Castilla la Mancha and Aragon. 


Production of advanced biofuels from biomethane gas.

Production of liquefied bioCO2 for transformation into biofertilizers.

Emisión de bonos de carbono, GDOs de CO2 (garantías de origen de CO2), resultante del balance neto de CO2 capturado por purines y estiércoles, así como el evitado por generación de energía verde.



Greenway Bioprocesses Group works hand in hand with companies from multiple industries, with the objective of reducing their GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions and carbon footprint, adding value and sustainability to their cost and production forecasts.


We currently have PPA's valued at more than 500 million euros, which will allow companies from different industries to comply with the reduction of their carbon footprint and at the same time reduce production costs, obtaining price stability. The main industries we work with are:


Glass, Steel, Cement

Thermal Energy, Transportation

Chemicals, Mining

Agriculture, Livestock Ceramics


Through the use of biofuels and biofertilizers, our customers can bring energy efficiency to their production processes, while reducing their fuel costs and carbon footprint. Want to know how? Here's how.

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